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Sexual and reproductive health and rights

UNFPA focuses on the marginalized and underserved populations: those who are geographically difficult to access with clinics and those who are poor.

We work with the Federation of Reproductive Health Associations of Malaysia (FRHAM), one of our three main implementing partners involved in sexual and reproductive health programmes in Malaysia. This well-established NGO has branches all over the states, and its access to hard-to-reach populations makes it an ideal partner to enable UNFPA to have an impact.

UNFPA’s outreach programmes with the Federation imparts knowledge and services  to communities in geographically hard to reach areas by conducting health screening, blood tests, pap smear, breast checks, access to long-acting reversible contraceptives and general advises on sexual and reproductive healthcare

This work has given UNFPA the evidence base it needs to highlight the gaps in Malaysia’s otherwise excellent health system, and at the same time directly helps to fill the service gap. Similarly, a partnership with the Sabah Family Planning Association gave us the opportunity to reach undocumented population, an otherwise underserved population.  In trying to address the sustainability of the programs for undocumented population, UNFPA is able to use its global experience to show that addressing this group’s sexual and reproductive health needs has a positive impact on the whole population in general, as they also interact with local communities.